Senior content planner - consultant

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Geplaatst: 31.07.2020


As senior planner, you have experience developing strategic content plans, and making editorial calendars for various touchpoints and audiences. You will also head editorial boards and ensure governance.

Based on input from various communication plans (key messages, KPIs) and on brand metrics (NPS/NPE), you will develop a consistent, coherent and effective yearly plan and identify content that is meaningful for the brand and actionable for the target groups in all different content media.

Your responsibilities:
- You will work closely with the other members of the content planning team to develop a long-term content strategy for all business lines and the overall company's brand. Together, you will prioritise themes and keep a balance between brand and commercial messages in all internal and external touchpoints.
- You will partner with communication and event managers for the content planning and calendars and support them in meeting their objectives.
- You will work closely with Platforms & Performance to gather key data to translate it into actionable insights. Based on metrics, you’ll decide what’s working and what’s not and adapt the content plans accordingly.
- You also work closely with the commercial and brand/function storytellers to put the content strategy into action, craft stories that bring the brand to life on owned and paid platforms and deploy the content plan.
- You’ll inspire the CoE Communication teams to make content work.

Throughout the year, you will monitor the implementation of the plans and based on learnings and insights, you’ll adapt them accordingly.

In terms of innovation:
- You will promote content innovation and knowledge sharing in order to contribute to the digital transformation of the bank and the use of new, innovative media.
- You will initiate, formulate, lead and implement new methodologies and processes so as to respond to market and customer needs.

- You have a Master’s degree in Communications, Journalism or a related field or the equivalent through professional experience.
- You have at least 8 years of content and brand-building experience.
- You have excellent written and verbal communication skills in Dutch and French and proficiency in English. You can also present content plans convincingly and head editorial boards.
- You are a strategic thinker and a brand builder, who enjoys creative thinking to complex challenges.
- You are familiar with the commercial challenges of banking, or a willingness to learn. You have proven business experience in efficiently interpreting brand strategy and communication plans, and translating them into content.
- You have a continuous learning mind-set, and are interested in analysing results to improve the content strategy. You stay up-to-date with the latest developments in your field and share these with your team members.
- You use the appropriate tools and methods to manage content effectively and drive forward the output quality.
- You have a deep understanding of brand building and know how to translate the bank’s strategy and marketing communication plans into yearly content plans.

Our client is active in the financial sector.
This project is only available on a freelance basis.


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