Part time: it project manager – brussels (belgium) – freelance 3 months+

Soort opdracht: Partner
Geplaatst: 14.01.2021

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IT Project Manager - Brussels (Belgium) - Freelance 3 Months+

For a start-up client in the centre of Brussels, I am looking for a freelance IT Project Manager with knowledge of e-learning platforms to work part-time on an exciting new project. ASAP / February start, 3 days per week max.


Comparing & analysing different e-learning platforms for an organisation and deciding which would be most beneficial.
This would include:

Whether internal software within the organisation must be re-coded.
Flexibility of platforms to work with other software.
Guiding programmers/developers on how to transfer data.
Guiding a data migration project.

Required Competences:

3+ years of ...
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ICT (applicaties en software)