Mortgage coordinator - brussels

Soort opdracht: Partner
Geplaatst: 12.01.2021

Korte Toelichting

- Making sure the back- and middle Office activities carried out by the third party service provider are performed clearly, timely and accurately for our policyholders and brokers with focus on customer service;
- Making sure the third party service provider receives clear information on terms & conditions of loans, operational guidelines, organizational steps, expected timelines and company procedures & controls and making sure these are respected at all times;
- Maintaining, updating and communicating all changes in internal processes, timelines, terms & conditions etc. to third party service provider when and if needed;
- Identifying all potential risks and/or issues in portfolio administration and address them;
- Making sure the administration of the mortgage book is compliant with all (local) applicable tax and legal framework;
- Act as a second line for all queries that cannot be solved by third party service provider based on the applicable uidelines and terms & conditions or need ad hoc company decision/position;
- Update policyholders, the third party service provider and brokers pro-actively on the status of their second line requests;
- Participate in the third party service ...

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