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We are looking for a Freelance Application Support for an assignment of 6 months+ in Brussel.
Job description
You are in charge of several applications and provide technical support for them. 
Ensure technical continuity when performing new releases of the assigned applications.
Provide efficient assistance to the 2nd line support .
Determine the nature, origin and solution for incidents / problems.
Participate in the testing of new technical functionalities and executed corrections.
Proactively formulate technical improvements in applications and processes.
Set-up the capacity planning in collaboration with DBAs and system administrators
You are in charge of technical documentation regarding the applications under your supervision.
You are in charge of the monitoring regarding the applications under your supervision.
Analysis of requirements and participation in the realization of technical analysis.
Writing / maintaining deployment, monitoring, ..., scripts and database SQL queries.

Required experience
Master of Bachelor of Computer Science or equivalent by experience
Several years of experience in a similar function.
Several years of experience with:
Database technology (Oracle RDBMS and / or SQL server)
Windows and / or Unix server technology
Installation and maintenance of applications on Windows and / or Unix platforms
WebService test tools (SoapUI, ...)
Being able to communicate easily with all stakeholders (users, system administrators, development teams, release manager, ...)
Dutch or French is your mothertongue and you have at least a passive knowledge of the other. You can work in a bilingual environment.


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