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Geplaatst: 12.01.2021

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The Business Analyst KYC performs a crucial role in ensuring that the organisation is compliant with regulation and policies in an efficient manner by supporting the delivery of initiatives and solutions. He/she performs his/her activities in support of a sponsor and in close collaboration with other functions (Compliance, Operations, Sales…). By being involved during all phases of the end-to-end delivery lifecycle he/she ensures the ultimate value creation of the initiative.

Main responsibilities of the Business Analyst KYC:
- Gathers and understands the pain points and needs of a diverse set of internal and external stakeholders and gains extensive expertise on the subject at hand;
- Works in close collaboration with the Compliance, Operations, Sales and IT and supports the definition of the business required, the detailed processes and the conceptual architecture;
- Involves external and/or internal end-users to identify, confirm and validate the needs and pain points;
- Consolidates the different needs and input and ...

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